Facebook Ads – What really works?

We all have been there and are still there, wondering what really works on facebook. Facebook users are using multiple social platforms which is leading to expectations on the content they expect and social media platforms are always striving to provide user the best engaging content. As a result, ads that worked a couple of months back deliver no results now.

After reading a couple of articles by Digital Marketing leaders the key findings or must do’s for fb ads are:

  1. Ad testing
    • Test with multiple creatives for every ad
  2. Targeting
    • Target the right locations and interests
    • Experiment with different types of audiences.
    • Use data to run look alike campaigns
  3. Ad content
    • Share content that users can connect with
    • Create Curiosity

Check out these 5 interesting blogs shared below:

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  2. 21 Facebook Advertising Tips to Try Right Now
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  4. 41 Facebook Advertising Tips for Success in 2019












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